Very, very sadly, we have decided to stop breeding this wonderful breed for personal reasons. I will stay grateful forever to my friends who have helped me, who also love this breed as I do, and who have the same passion for these amazing cats, in alphabetical order:-
Anglarnas Cattery, Barmont's Cattery, LaHoni's Cattery, Pendragon's Cattery, Pikkupitun Cattery and Traum von FF Cattery. My friends in Serbia, Rextasy Cattery have the biggest thanks from us, for their help in troubled times and giving my cats a wonderful home.

Welcome to Made In Romania cattery, also known as Elian Rex cattery, and our beloved cats. My name is Beverly Elian, British born, living in Bucharest, Romania, married to Alex and I have 3 children, Becky, James and Charles. Apart from our darling feline friends, we have 2 canine friends, Disco and Polka Dot.

I brought my first Cornish Rex home in 2003, Toto, fell in love with him, then decided to breed these heart-warming and fun cats. Toto and Dancin, now neuters for a long time, are still very much a part of our joy in our home with their sweet and cheerful temperaments.

A little about Cornish Rex. They are considered the 'clowns' of the cat world, warm, friendly, loving and mischievous cats that want to be involved in all of the household activities, whether it be riding on the vacuum cleaner, jumping into the shower, chasing the dog's tail, watching dinner being cooked, or sleeping on your lap while you watch TV. They are very gentle and non-aggressive, and will run away rather than be confrontational with anyone or any other animal. The Cornish Rex make wonderful companions for older people as their favourite place is on their owner's warm lap, or with young children who are amused by their playful ways.

At a cat show, follow the sound of laughter and almost always you will find a Cornish Rex entertaining visitors, old and young alike, with their cheerful and clownish ways. If you want one of these gorgeous cats please contact me and my friends, we will say who has kittens available. These cats are the best you will ever have! Super super cats..............

We also lovingly raise Ragdolls, www.ragdoll.ro

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